Making a First Time Bitcoin Purchase

My father is the type of person who always wants to jump on the latest thing in the hopes of becoming rich. I like to think of him as a modern day prospector, hunting for gold in whatever form it takes, no matter the consequences. This time, his gold of choice was bitcoin. He heard about it on television and saw how much it was worth, and wanted me to help him buy some through Bitcoin Evolution. I had never purchased bitcoin at all, but my father figured that I would be able to figure out how to do it.

Whenever my father has a problem with anything that may be the slightest bit technological, he always calls me. He considers me to be the tech expert of the family. I don’t know everything, and I even tell my father this, but he still calls on me for his tech problems. Often when I have to help him solve a problem, I will search for a solution on the Internet. My father could easily do this, but I guess he would probably get lost when even performing a simple search engine search. I looked up the bitcoin app that my father mentioned and learned how to use it to buy bitcoin.

After helping my father purchase some bitcoin, he wanted to know what we had to do next, and I told him that we had to wait for the bitcoin to go up in price before doing anything else. He didn’t exactly understand, until I told him that it was a bit like the stock market, and then it made perfect sense. Somehow, he knew that he had to buy a lower values and sell at higher values, despite not having any kind of stock and not knowing anyone who deals with stock.