Let Peapod make you a “Pealiever”

Oops, you’ve done it again, waited until the last minute to shop for the holiday meal marathon you know is coming, and now you’re circling the parking lot of the big warehouse store hoping to find a spot in this county. Enter Peapod, America’s leading internet grocer. Since 1989, they’ve steadily grown by offering excellent service on delivered grocery items totaling 23,000,000 orders across the USA.

They offer the freshest ingredients, name brand selections and quality items to make sure your cooking and baking meet the standards your family and friends expect. And this year you can save up to $20 off on weekly deliveries, or $20 off your first order. And that’s just a few of the saving waiting for you on the Groupon Coupons page. Great desserts, they’ve got em. Ingredients for that recipe you’ve stashed for two years now, they’ve got ‘em. Natural and organic groceries – got those, too. In fact, more people find exactly what they need to turn out delicious healthy meals, and do so without shopping while hungry.

Letting someone pick the fruits and vegetables you’re used to squeezing yourself may seem a little odd, but once you see how easy it is, the great selections they deliver, and the time and money you save, you’ll be a “Pealiever” too. I just made that up. Seriously, save yourself, your nerves , your gas and the planet. Let Peapod do the shopping this year.   Just place or order, apply your discounts, and look for the green Peapod truck to pull up to your door.

Peapod is America’s leading internet grocer. 23 million shoppers can’t be wrong! They have thousands of weekly sale items, name brands and tons of ideas for holiday meals that are even easier to enjoy because the ingredients are brought right to your door.

What better way to spend the days leading up to the big dinner party than patiently waiting for the big green Peapod truck to drop off your delivery of carefully selected fruits, veggies and other commodities. And with the savings you realize by shopping with the Groupon codes, you’ll feel like the one who received the greatest gift is you.